How much deposit do I need for an SMSF loan?

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Re: How much deposit do I need for an SMSF loan?

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Hi NewSlothWhales,

When it comes to a deposit for an SMSF loan, it's generally a bit more than a standard investment or commercial loan because of the lower Loan to Value Ratios (LVRs) that are mostly offered.

So if you want to buy a residential property for your SMSF, you will usually need to have 20-25% of the property value as your deposit. You must also add an extra 5% of the property value to this to cover the costs of completing the purchase such as stamp duty, mortgage transfer fees, the costs of a conveyancer and other legal expenses.

If you want to buy a commercial property for your SMSF, you will generally need at least a 30% deposit for an SMSF loan plus 5% for the costs of completion.

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